Meet Noname: I’m ready, I

NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts have been killing the game recently. I’ve been finding tons of my new favorites on here as of late, and Noname is no different. You may have heard her tunes “Diddy Bop” with Raury and Cam Obi or “Shadow Man” with Smino, Pheolix, and Saba — a group of friends who surely have been… Keep Reading

Happy April 2017, Girl Gang! I used flowers for the image background because April is when flowers come now. Shout out to global warming. Got a wide range of new female & GNC artists featured on the list this month, including: Lucius · Oh Wonder · Kate Nash · Ella Vos Betty Who · Tei Shei · Vallis Alps · Ashe ·… Keep Reading

Saba Abraha & Mikeyy Soar with their EP “How Things Fly”

If you don’t know the name Saba Abraha, today is a great day to learn something new. Saba Abraha landed in D.C. by way of Dakar, Senegal, but was actually born in Alexandria, Virginia. She moved here when she was around seven with her family. Since then, D.C. has gotten to know her name and sound, and DC Music… Keep Reading

Nataly Dawn’s “Maybe A Love Song” Explores If True Love is True

  Listen If You Like: Meiko, Ingrid Michaelson, Ryan Adams, Coldplay As a songwriter myself, I’ve been struggling with writing love songs lately. Not simply because I’m not enduring some cinematic level heartbreak. Not because I’m happily in love. Not because I’ve never been through the ups and downs of love, but simply because I’m… Keep Reading

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