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Girl Gang Music is a curated community and network of women and nonbinary humans within the music industry. We are songwriters, artists, producers, journalists, photographers, managers, agents, instrumentalists, and innovators within the industry.

Girl Gang Music’s mission is to promote female inclusion in all aspects of the industry, to celebrate women who are already thriving in music, and, ultimately, to develop a pipeline for girls and young women to confidently get involved in music through mentorship and community.


Do you feature men on the blog?

Hmm… in some contexts. We like our artists, bands, businesses featured on here to be at least 50% female or have a strong femme or nonbinary representation within the group. But, generally we stick to the girl power with our content here.

Why did you start Girl Gang Music?

Well, simply put, we have a few goals we keep in mind here:

  • Promote female inclusion in all aspects of the music industry;
  • Celebrate women and nonbinary individuals already thriving in music, and;
  • To develop a pipeline for girls and young women to confidently get involved in music through mentorship, community, and shared experience.

What’s the story behind it?
Girl Gang Music was founded in 2016 by music artist and activist Jen Miller. Read about the inspiration behind the idea and Jen’s first-hand letter to readers here.

Who do you write about?
Great question. We’re a little different than regular music blogs. We cover and profile people in all roles of the industry. Songwriters, artists, photographers, managers, podcast hosts, label owners, journalists, producers, DJs, etc.

Some current things to check out we are doing:

  • Monthly Spotify Playlist (Updated every 1st and 15th of the month)
  • Monthly Soundcloud Playlist [LAUNCHING SOON!]
  • Keep up with our weekly content on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram… *deep breath*…and YouTube.

Know someone great?
E-mail editor@girlgangmusic.com

How do I contact you?