Angel Olsen Debuts New Video for “Pops”

Angel Olsen has taken *air quotes* “sad girl” to the next level. How? She’s hilarious and brilliant. And super fucking tired of being called a sad girl, by the way. In her own words:

“I think people expect me to be this Leonard Cohen-esque sad girl. While I think I’ll always have something to complain about in my life – so I’ll probably always have something to write about that’s sad – at the same time a sense of levity is really important. [The album] doesn’t seem like a bummer to me.”

Angel Olsen has taken control of every visual from her 2016 album, My Woman. The videos up until “Pops”, which Angel debuted on January 24, 2017, have aligned with quirky personality, featuring a silver wig and rollerskating in “Shut Up Kiss Me” or the play on fame and more silver wigs in “Intern”.

But in her new video for Pops, an eerie and stripped down piano ballad. Angel wanders by car through a misty grey scenescape of mountainous rock, floating fog, and towering forests. As such, the video, co-directed by frequent collaborator Jethro Waters, is rather stark and simple, showing the singer-songwriter in various vignettes alone.

But, for the record: I wouldn’t ever call her lonely.

Watch the video here:

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