An Exclusive Interview with Asha “BOOMCLAK” Santee

The Energy You Share Will Be Remembered

When I first met Asha, her energy was undeniable. A few months ago, my producer partner and good friend Jake Vicious at House Studios in Washington, D.C., and I were working on producing and arranging a cover, and we had totally hit a wall on it. He said, “I know what we should do. Let’s call Asha.” One phone call and 45 minutes later, Asha came through the studio at midnight on a week day and immediately started riffing concepts on vocoder. It’s that kind of work ethic and warm openness to collaboration that marks Asha’s presence so distinctly.

Asha’s confidence is rooted in decades of experience; she has been producing for 15 years, and first started playing drums at the age of five. That’s how she got her nickname Asha “BOOMCLAK” Santee. Today, Asha Santee plays in five bands, links with DJs to add the additional boom to their live show, and contributes to an organization she founded called Note 2 Self, LLC, a distributor of eco-friendly, musically inspired clothing and accessories. Through Note 2 Self, she designs and hand crafts musically inspired products, with the next round of products dropping this September. And, of course, in her *air quotes* free time, Asha spends a lot of time working with youth, as a coach for the girls basketball team at Largo High School, and teaches drum and piano lessons at BOOMCLAK for people of all ages, including babies. No, seriously, literal toddler babies. It’s ADORABLE.

How do you stay forever inspired?

If you’re asking yourself how Asha has the time in a single day to do these things (honestly, same!), she says she is driven by the connection and the grind behind it, “I love trying to figure out how I am going to make life happen amongst inconsistency. I love making people dance and lose their minds. I just want to keep making it all happen.” It’s Asha’s individuality and hard work that makes her stand out from the crowd, and that’s exactly her advice for anyone looking to “make it”, she says you have to ask yourself:

“What is yourself? Your style, personality, and skill. There are so many great musicians and people out there that sometimes it is hard to not try and be them… It’s okay to be inspired by someone, but not to try and become them. It wont happen.”

Asha’s got some fun plans for 2017, including:

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