Girl Gang Q&A w/ Big Fox: On Debuting New Music and Black Hole Theories

It’s been five years since her last album, but Big Fox, AKA Charlotta Perers is back with new material. She says that her singles will be spread out over the first half of 2018,
and the album will be released just before the summer.
Since her first performance in 2011, Big Fox has played
up and down Scandinavia, Germany, Italy, Spain,
Austria, Swizerland and France; touched millions of
hearts with her two albums; had her songs placed in major
TV-shows; received massive press coverage in Europe
and beyond; been added to radio playlists in Germany,
France and Sweden; shared stage with First Aid
Kit and reached more than 2 million plays on Spotify.

Read Girl Gang Music’s Q&A with Big Fox below:

GGM: What is this song about to you?

“In general terms, it’s that feeling when you’re acting in a way that your whole body knows is wrong but it’s as if you can’t stop it from happening and you’re just watching it fall.”

GGM: Did you always know you wanted to be a musician?

“I have always played music in some form, but it wasn’t until I was a couple of years above 20 that started writing songs. I don’t know where it came from really. I was questioning a lot in my life at that time.”

GGM: What’s one thing people don’t know about you?

“Another hard question. Maybe that I got totally obsessed with learning about space half a year ago. Black holes, string theory and special relativity. Stuff like that. So fascinating.”

GGM: One piece of advice?

“To follow your intuition and trust the process. Don’t stop trying.”

GGM: Do you think being a woman in the industry has effected you?

“Generally in life you have to be more skilled as a woman to reach the same level of appreciation. I think that applies to the music industry as well, even though there are some initiatives in Sweden to promote female artists.”

Big Fox’s Girl Gang Music Picks

“There are so many talented, awesome female artists so it’s hard to choose, but I always love to listen to PJ Harvey or Feist.”

PJ Harvey


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