UK-Based Artists Sally Caitlin & Sophie Smith Release Girl Power Video “Body of Mine”

Sally Caitlin is a singer-songwriter from Manchester, UK, who creates electronic pop music with heartfelt, autobiographical lyrics. Her songs are written about her own experiences, giving her music an honesty that is not always seen in commercial pop music. She recently released her concept EP Experiments which was supported by many radio stations and blogs (Unity Radio, Shout RadioReyt Good Music Magazine, Born Music, Indie Central). All five tracks from the record were semi-finalists in the UK Songwriting Contest for 2016.

Sophie Smith hails from Mansfield and started her journey in the music industry in July this year, with the release of her debut single Underwater, which was supported by BBC Introducing East Midlands and Mansfield 103.2. Sophie has been cultivating an online fanbase by releasing cover tracks on her YouTube Channel, some of which have received over 21k views.

Caitlin said that Sophie first approached her and asked if she wanted to collaborate after working with a few of the same producers. “I thought was a great idea! Most of my music is about my own experiences and relationships, which I felt wouldn’t be an appropriate subject for the two of us to sing about, so when I was writing the track I wanted to touch upon something that would be relevant for us both.”

Body Of Mine is an exciting collaboration between up-and- coming artists Sally Caitlin and Sophie Smith. Written by Caitlin, it is an intelligent and empowering track about the obsession with the appearance of women. The song itself is a steady-tempo synth-driven pop tune, with a fantastic video featuring a whole bunch of women lip syncing (and they look like they’re genuinely having a great time together). Sally said, “Originally we weren’t planning on doing a full music video but I felt like the message in the song would really be strengthened by a great visual to go along with it!  I had the idea to have loads of different ladies all singing the same song and from there the plan developed.  One of my friends is a videographer so I showed her the track, told her my vision and she was convinced instantly and wanted to be a part of the project!”

“You can love my legs for all the places they take me

You can love my lips for helping me speak my mind

You can love my eyes for all the magic they’ve witnessed

But you can never cage me in this body of mine”

Caitin said, “‘Body Of Mine’ came about because unfortunately I feel that most women have had experiences with being objectified or underestimated and I felt a lot of people would be able to relate to the lyrics of the song! I showed Soph the track and she loved it so then we jumped in the studio and put the vocals down!”

“I’m a feminist so for me the song means a lot as it’s calling out society for a lot of the shit women go through and expressing that we are more than our bodies.” – Sally Caitlin

GGM: So what’s next in 2018?

In 2018, Sally is releasing her first self-produced track ‘Alive’ with a the video to start the New Year  off and then after that it will be my album ‘Chemistry’! She says, “It’s a concept album with a story running between the tracks and will be released in ‘chapters’ with videos to accompany every track. It’s going to be a whole visual experience as well as an auditory one!” Meanwhile, you already know Sophie won’t be slowing down either, and she’s currently working on her debut EP in early 2018.

Sophie Smith’s Girl Gang Pick

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Sally Caitlin Girl Gang Pick



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