Why HOLDN Wrote Her Record “Burn” Over the Course of Two Years

An ethereal dark-pop record came across my Spotify Release Radar list entitled “Burn”, and boy, was I happy to have found a new artist: HOLDN.

HOLDN is a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist and self proclaimed lover of the 90s sit-com “Friends” and dogs (#relatable). She first found her interest in music when she started a band at the age of fourteen, and says she, “never wanted anyone to actually know how old I was or to think I was stupid so I learned a lot really, really quickly. I booked my band’s first DIY tour when I was 17 and just kept on learning from there.”

For many artists, the hardest part of engaging in the music industry is figuring out how to get started. HOLDN’s advice for you? She says: “Just dive right in. I can’t give any formula or steps or anything like that. You have to grind and go with your gut. You have to mess up and you have to learn from your own mistakes. There is no right or wrong answer because at the end of the day, your art is your art. I can’t tell you how to make it, or how to present it, or how to feel about it. That’s for you to convey. Be honest.”

HOLDN’s record “Burn” came from a lengthy inspiration bubbling within her, and it was written over the course of almost two years. In her own words:

“It’s about someone walking out of my life so carelessly and so abruptly, but staying close enough to watch me struggle to get back on my feet again… I wrote it when that situation was a fresh wound and let it sit on the shelf for quite some time. I revisited it a few times until it became what it is, but I always found myself coming back to it.”

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