Irish Songwriter Ailbhe Reddy Talks About the Dublin Music Scene & Her latest “The Tube”

Ailbhe Reddy, is a singer-songwriter from Dublin, Ireland who started releasing music and performing around Ireland after she graduated college. “I think I was extremely shy as a teenager and didn’t put any of my music out there until I was 22, which is a late start.” She says that being shy and a woman in the industry factored into this as well. “It can be tricky working in a male dominated environment (as with any career), but I have been really fortunate that I work with amazing men and women. I have a lot of female role models in the industry and a lot of people have helped me to develop as an artist.”

We asked her about the current music scene in Dublin, and she says it’s booming. “It’s a strong and supportive scene to be involved in, we all go to each other’s gigs and encourage each other. I feel like every time I go to a gig at home I am inspired to write more and be better because of the level of talent! …Some amazing songwriters like LAOISE and Maria Kelly to name a few.”

Now, things are looking bright for Ailbhe Reddy after jam-packed year of travel from the UK, Germany, Canada, Spain to France to play music.

Check out her latest tune, “The Tube” here:

She worked closely with her band and producer, Michael Heffernan, on “The Tube” at Herbert Place in Dublin. She says she wanted it to have a live band feel and that she, “wrote this song after a relationship that never really got off the ground ended. I guess I was looking for a way to describe how bad I had felt about not doing more, not being kinder. All I had really done is walked the person to the tube and then left it. So, I think it came from a guilty place.”

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Ailbhe Reddy’s Girl Gang Music Picks

Angel Olsen

“I absolutely love Angel Olsen. I think everything she does is so cool and ‘Woman’ is one of my favourite albums at the moment.”

Margaret Glaspy

“I also love Margaret Glaspy, she’s a pretty sick guitar player and I love the production on her recent album ‘Emotions and Math'”


“Alvvays are also awesome. I think they have really interesting and unusual clever lyrics too.”


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