Leilani Wolfgramm on being “emotionally disturbed” & “Live Wire”

Leilani Wolfgramm is an American Tongan singer songwriter from Orlando Fl. she got her start performing at Sea World Polynesian luau dinner show at age 7. She started singing at age 9 after her mom gave her a Patsy Cline record. Started writing at 13 after her uncle gave her a Pau Simone record and picked up a guitar at age 14 after her brother gave her a No doubt record. She joined her brothers reggae band in 2012, went solo 2014 and was signed to Raleigh Publishing 2016.

Listen to “Live Wire” below:

Read Leilani’s Q&A with Girl Gang Music, in full, below:

GGM: Can you humble brag for me for a sec? Who are you? What do you do? Tell me all the things.

“I’m not braggin’!”

GGM: What does this song (or project) mean to you?

“Live Wire” is a warning. It’s sarcastic but it’s underlying message speaks to suffering.

GGM: What was the creative/production process behind the song?

Most producers hear I’m a reggae artist and present me with dance hall tracks.  When I met with Fredro (Odesjo) in the studio and he played me this ‘one-drop’ I knew I was immediately in the zone.  I wrote the song in a few minutes “ Too numb to feel dumb” jumped out first.  I was inspired from there to write something conscious – something relevant

GGM: What’s something most people don’t know about you?

“I hate talking, especially about myself.  That’s why I write songs. I’m socially disturbed.”

GGM: How do you think being a woman in music affected your career?

“Being a woman in any business is hard.  Being a female reggae artist is an impossible feeling because Men more than dominate the genre. I’m compared to only other women.  I’m not judged by my abilities but instead by my body parts. Sexism is being asked my weight, age and measurement in radio interviews.  Felling like if I don’t have makeup on stage or a costume, I won’t be heard.  Meanwhile, I see men in my genre wearing old t-shirts and dirty hair having no problem getting on stage and playing for thousands of people who also have no problem with it.”

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