Meet Noname: I’m ready, I

NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts have been killing the game recently. I’ve been finding tons of my new favorites on here as of late, and Noname is no different. You may have heard her tunes “Diddy Bop” with Raury and Cam Obi or “Shadow Man” with Smino, Pheolix, and Saba — a group of friends who surely have been shaking up indie rnb and hip hop charts.

Here’s a fun fact about Noname’s Tiny Desk Concert: It almost didn’t happen. Around the time of their D.C. stop, she (born Fatimah Warner) and her bandmates got their first dose of tour sickness. Thanks to rest, medicine and our mutual excitement, she made her way into the NPR offices the following day. If there ever was a ‘Noname’ way of doing things, this is definitely her signature method. It’s in the way she’s able to muster a smile while performing a heartbreaking tale of abortion. It’s those sometimes bleak, melancholy lyrics over brilliant, colorful production.

Noname’s live show stripped down showcases her phrasing and lyrics so intimately. What a treat.

See Noname on NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert here

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