19 Year Old French Noür Stands Out in Debut Feature

19 year old soul hip hop artist Noür makes a confident debut on a 5-song EP from ALM Productions, an Independent Record Label based in Montpellier, home to artists Vaskez Malakay (rapper), Shaïan (Reggae Band), and ALM (beatmaker).

ALM self describes as a 32-year old old sound engineer, beatmaker and artist producer from France. He opened his first mastering studio in 2014 in Tours and a new one in 2016 in Montpellier where ALM is currently based.

Check out Noür’s debut:

Girl Gang got the chance to do a quick Q&A with Noür:

1) Who are you??
“That’s a good question haha ! Hum I’m Noür, 19 years old, a soul/hiphop singer, I also study Science Politique in Montpellier in France.”

2) Can you tell us more about you?
“I’m really in love with music, I began to study music in the conservatory when I was 6 and then it never leaves my life. I practice every day, it’s a big part of what I’m.”

3) How did you find your unique sound?
“Well, I think that is a big mix of a lot of different kind of music that I listen or that I used to listen, like Rock, Reggae, Soul, Jazz, Hiphop in fact I really love every kind of music, what is important for me it’s the feeling when I hear a song I need to feel something.”

4) What was the songwriting process behind this song?
“It was a quite instinctive, I heard the beat and the words just came in brain. After this first version, I worked on the rhymes and the flow.”

5) Do you think being a woman in the industry has affected your career? If so, how? If not, why?
I don’t know if we can say that I already have a career, it’s the very begining, but I hope to have a career as a singer! But yes it happens to receive sexist comments like « don’t try to rap, just sing female songs » I’m absolutely sure that the industry music needs more women !

6) What’s the creative and production process behind “Beauty for Freedom”?
“It’s an EP… this is the project of the producer ALM ! It is composed of 5 different rappers and singer from the whole world, music can unify people in peace and make it beautiful.”

7) What’s next in 2018?
I’m actually realising my first EP, It will be ready for october I think ! But of course some surpises will quickly arrive !

Noür’s Girl Gang Music Picks

“There are so many women who inspire me everyday ! I think about Amy Winehouse, Esther Philips, Ella Fitzgerald, but also Nai Palm, Buika, Jorja Smith or Lianne La Havas more recently.”

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