Abbie McCarthy: Curating London’s Hottest New Gig Night

Abbie McCarthy wears several different hats, depending on the day. She is a radio presenter, DJ, freelance Assistant Producer, and the founder and operating curator of Good Karma Club, a gig night in London. Abbie says she was first introduced to the music industry when she got the chance to shadow at BBC Radio 1.… Keep Reading

13 Breakthrough Female Artists to Watch in 2017

While this was a huge year for big names like Beyoncé, Frank Ocean, Sia, but let us not forget all the new names bubbling up. There are way too many incredible female and GNC artists bursting on the scene from all corners of the globe. Here’s thirteen artists that you should know in 2017:   13. Kacy… Keep Reading

Lauren Sanderson Drops “Alotta Me”, Looks Towards 2017

If you missed Lauren on 13 Breakthrough Female Artists to Watch in 2017 List, you’ve got to check out her new single. Lauren Sanderson is a name you should know. She’s a true indie artist, who fostered a growing using social media, which eventually landed her a TED talk in 2015. After graduating high school in June… Keep Reading

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