Q&A: Raveena Aurora Releases “If Only”

Raveena Aurora is an indie R&B/Soul singer and writer from New York City. “If only” is the 3rd single off Raveena’s EP, Shanti, released December 6, 2017.

“The inspiration behind the record was the process of healing from some shitty relationships. I think the record also paints pictures of quiet, beautiful moments of feeling connected to yourself, the universe or your partner. It’s music to listen to dance alone to in your room.”

Girl Gang got to get to know Raveena  little better than most. Here’s our mini Q&A. . . 

  1. What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?
    I cry very easily (but you could probably already guess that lol). Today I was sent a video of these young girls doing ballet to “Sweet Time” and I started crying for a solid 5 minutes. Anything with kids in it and them shining and being pure will probably make me cry.
  2. How has being a woman in the industry affected your career – if it has at all?
    It’s a completely different experience as a woman in this industry. I’d probably need a couple hours to break it all down, but basically you’re in an industry that’s controlled by men behind the scenes, and these men often inherently view you as sexual objects and tools to make them money, so that usually completely changes your interactions with them. I’m starting to have some better experiences – not all men in the industry are obviously like this – but I’ve met tons of men who are and who you immediately feel are trying to make you feel small, unimportant, or like a sex object. There is also sexism involved in the music making. A few issues that immediately come to mind: the real lack of female producers, how females are often pitted against each other and relentlessly compared, how “female” is often lumped together as a genre, and how “genius” is a word very rarely used for women who create music.
  3. What’s one piece of advice you’d give to yourself ten years ago?
    No person, thing, habit or hobby can fill up and make up for the painful bits. Only you.
  4. How do you get over fears to get after it & create fearlessly!?
    Reading/listening /watching people who inspired me.

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