Why You Should Give a F*** About Skyler Stonestreet

Introducing Skyler Stonestreet. Skyler says she started writing music like most people do… in their parents houses:

“I started writing songs on my piano and guitar in high school, pretty much as soon as I picked up instruments I started doing my own thing. Even when the teacher would assign something I always would do something different or try something I heard. I definitely have always known I wanted to be doing music.” – Skyler Stonestreet

So, you might not know her name, but you’ve definitely heard her songwriting. But… seriously. You’ve definitely heard it. The singer-songwriter and Las Vegas native has been steadily gaining notice as a writer and vocalist on hit tracks such as The Chainsmokers’ “Kanye” which has amassed over 76 million streams on Spotify. In addition, she has also written songs for artists such as Dua Lipa (“IDGAF”), Marshmellow “Chasing Colors”, Sabrina Carpenter (We’ll Be The Stars”), and many more.  As a writer and a featured vocalist, Skyler can be heard on tracks from acts such as Seven Lions “Freesol” and Cheat Codes and Nicky Romero’s “Sober”.

Of the track Skyler says, “The song “Bankrupt” is about being spent and fed up. It’s about closure because you don’t have anything left to give. You don’t have anymore tears, feelings and even though it’s a difficult place to be in it’s really a positive because there is a sense of moving on and finally being done with it.”

Hear her latest, “Bankrupt” here: 

Skyler says she wrote “Bankrupt” while she was mid-treatment for breast cancer, but “it’s not necessarily about that. It is a relationship song, a draining relationship song that it is actually positive because you have nothing left to give so there’s a huge sense of moving on” The song was cowritten with Jarrod Gorbel (Mourners, Night Terrors of 1927) and Nick Monson (Lady GagaJulia MichaelsSelena Gomez).

Even though Skyler has LITERALLY written and heard Dua Lipa sing a song she co-wrote on the radio, she defines the most incredible moment in her life thus far her diagnosis with breast cancer. “Surviving breast cancer was the biggest most important thing in my life, It’s so rare being so young and I want to inspire others. I’m honestly thriving now and am only moving forward with a new and amazing perspective,” she said.

Stonestreet isn’t letting breast cancer, career challenges, or operating in a male-centric industry hold her back. “When I was starting (music), I definitely had those sessions where I was the only woman and have had my opinions and thoughts completely ignored or belittled and I’ve definitely been treated in a certain way but it’s made me really find strength in myself to speak up about what I want.”

GGM: What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?
“I’m a crazy cat lady….just kidding everyone knows that:)”


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Skyler Stonestreet’s Girl Gang Music Picks

“Loving Jesse St John, Troye SivanVampire Weekend but I also listen to a lot of old tunes, 90s, grunge, pop, hip hop, everything!”

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