#WomenCrush Music Relaunches as Non-Profit Empowering Women Musicians

Portland, OR (January 3rd, 2018) – #WomenCrush Music re-launched on January 1st, 2018 as a non-profit organization with chapters in over 10 USA and Canada cities. Since its’ founding in early 2017, #WomenCrush Music has more than tripled in size beyond its headquarters in Portland, OR. The organization now spans coast to coast with a full staff and a team of dedicated volunteers in 13 cities–and counting! Their mission is to support rising women songwriters by hosting showcases, workshops & networking events, all while creating a safe community within each chapter, nationally and internationally.

Founder and Executive Directress Ashley Kervabon sees the organization’s relaunch as a pivotal milestone in the #WomenCrush mission to revolutionize the music industry with a grassroots approach. By promoting rising women songwriters of all genres through opportunities for performance as well as professional and personal development, Ashley hopes to build an international community of artists and to provide resources for their creative ambitions.

Founder Ashley Kervabon​​ // Photo: Paula Araujo , Moments Magazine

“There is such a need for what we are doing here at #WomenCrush – and how quickly we’ve grown in the last 6 months really goes to show that. By relaunching as a non-profit organization we believe we will be better able to fulfill our mission at #WomenCrush Music, which will always be to support women artists in whatever we way can. I am hopeful that we will continue to expand in the states, Canada, Mexico and then intercontinentally! I am excited to continue empowering women in music and for all of our future plans.”

Being on the verge of major expansion, #WomenCrush is seeking media partners, in-kind donations as well as financial sponsors to support the investment the organization makes in women musicians by hosting showcases, educational workshops and networking events. Additional funding will also support the operation and marketing of #WomenCrush Music as it continues in its efforts to connect, educate, and inspire.

#WomenCrush started with a local showcase, and the showcase remains a cornerstone of the organization even as it expands in size and gains momentum. Each of #WomenCrush Music’s city chapters will hold a showcase 6 times a year, with the exception of Portland, which will spotlight women songwriters on a monthly basis. Addressing the need for a safe space to perform new material and to connect with potential collaborators and mentors is more than just how #WomenCrush Music began. Encouraging women to find their voice and be inspired by other women is its core endeavor and its guiding vision.

Here is a schedule of upcoming showcases that will kick off the new year:

Portland, OR  @ The White Eagle – Wednesday, January 17th, 8PM-11PM

Austin, TX @ ONE-2-ONE Bar – Thursday, January 25th, 7PM-Midnight

Chicago, IL @ HVAC Pub – Saturday, January 27th, 8PM-11PM

New York, NY @ Rockwood Music Hall – Tuesday, January 31st, 7PM-8:30PM


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